Emma was Born and raised in Port Pirie, South Australia. She recently moved to Canada 4 years ago where her music began to develop. Her older brothers guitar playing inspired Emma to take lessons, 1 year of chords and lead and another year of Classical lessons. During high school days Emma played lead electric guitar in several bands taking the title of Grunge, Prog-Rock and Dance-Rock. She aimed at learning Metallica solos and Classical pieces such as ‘Classical Gas’. Since then she has moved more away from Metal music and has allowed other artists like Regina Spektor, The Andrews Sisters, Joe Zambon, Aretha Franklin and Lydia Cole to influence her Songwriting.

Emma released her debut Album, Search Party, on February 19th, 2012. And her second Album ‘How The Other Half Live’ on May 5th, 2013
(See ‘music’ for information on how to purchase Search Party).

She currently resides in Ottawa, ON working for NET Ministries of Canada.